The Calgary Game Developers Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a local community around creating video games. Regardless of skill level or profession, we encourage anyone interested in making games to come out to meetups, meet other members, and build up your passion towards making awesome games!

We host a variety of meetups and events which are listed below. If you’re in the Calgary area we encourage you to check out our meetup page and RSVP to an event, and we hope to see you out!


Social Meetup

Happens monthly at Rose & Crown Pub, free to attend.
Ages 18+ only.

Held on the third Thursday of every month, this meetup is great for networking, casual conversation, and showing what you’re working on! We also have a community presentation on a select game development topic.

If you're new to the group, this meetup the best place to start!


Happens weekly at The Inc., membership is required.

Let's work together! We host weekly coworking sessions with support from Innovate Calgary. Every Friday members of our community gather to work on games in a more social environment. Please note this is a work session and not ideal for socializing.

Space is limited so make sure you RSVP.

YYC Critique

Happens monthly at Weeds Cafe, free to attend.

YYC Game Critique is like a book club for games, where each month we pick a new game that we feel will make for good discussion. Anyone can then purchase and play the game and sign up for the critique meetup where we discuss various topics about it. These can range from how the game was designed, how the game made us feel, any changes you would make, good and not-immediately-obvious decisions, and anything else you feel is important to discuss.

Space is limited so make sure you RSVP.

Game Jams

Happens a few times a year, location varies.

We host local meetups for the super-popular online game jam Ludum Dare! Come out on the Friday to hash out ideas with other members and form teams, then use the weekend to make your ideas playable!

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Contact us: info {at} calgarygamedevelopers {.com}